Truss Rental

Truss, platforms and effects machines

Check here our trusses, platforms, pulpits and effects machines for rental.


Palco com plataformas rosco, estruturas Trilite truss e diversos elementos de áudio e de iluminação.


Rosco 2x1 m platforms are available, which makes it possible to mount small stages.

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Alugamos truss para fixação de iluminação, com ou imagem.

Truss Structures

Truss structures are used to fix various lighting, projection or sound elements in a higher plane. They also visually delimit an area, such as a dance floor or exhibition hall.

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Aluguer de máquinas de efeitos

Special Effects Machines

Want to give a unique and unforgettable stamp to your party or event? We have available for rent:

  • Wind Machine
  • Smoke Machine
  • Machine of Fog
  • Soap Blowing Machine

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Púlpitos em acrílico transparente disponíveis para aluguer.


We have transparent acrylic pulpits for rental. They can be complemented with front (to be supplied and installed by the customer).

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Rental Gallery

Examples of rental of truss, pulpit and other complements.

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Illustrative images or rental already executed: the equipment of the images may not be available. Differences between represented equipment and available equipment may occur. Consult us for more information and to tailor the equipment to your needs.


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