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Lights and Projectors, Facade Lighting

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Projectores de iluminação convencionais em aluguer.

Convencional Projectors

Luz e Som has several conventional projectors available, such as the Arri PC1000W, among others.

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Projectores de lente fresnel (imagem ilustrativa).

PC and Fresnel Projectors

We have available several fresnel projectors, like the Arri 650.

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Disponíveis vários projectores Par convencionais ou led, com ou sem palas.

Par Led RGB projectors

Available in a variety of Par type projectors, with or without blades.

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Aluguer de projectores de recorte.

Spotlight Projectors

Several trimming spotlight projectors available.

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Projectores wash para iluminação de fachadas.

Wash Projectors

Wash projectors are named because it fills large areas of light. It is widely used for facade lighting with the color you choose. We have SGM P5 wash projectors available to impact the color of your brand!

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Robots spotlight moving head

Moving Head Robots Spotlight

DMX controllable spotlight moving 575 robots are available for illumination with disco-type movement.

Also available with the lighting control desk.

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Diversas luminárias com luz negra (UV - ultravioleta) disponíveis para aluguer.

Black Light (UV - Ultraviolet)

We have available for rental several fixtures of UV light from 150W to 400W.

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Controle a iluminação com o aluguer de dimmers e mesas de controlo DMX.

Dimmers and DMX tables

For full control, we have available HQI 150 W and 400W dimmers, as well DMX control tables.

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Barras de led rgb e varas de par led rgb em aluguer

RGB Led Bar

We have available several Led RGB lighting bars.

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Rentall Gallery

Examples of rentals of lighting and spotlights.

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Illustrative images or rental already executed: the equipment of the images may not be available. Differences between represented equipment and available equipment may occur. Consult us for more information and to tailor the equipment to your needs.


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