Ledwall and Led Panel Rental

Why use LED screen displays?

For strong impact and large size images, the use of led screens, to build a led wall or giant screen, is an option to take into account.

In outdoor events or shopping windows with high exposure to sunlight, the brightness of the environment practically requires the use of LED screens, because at any time of day the image quality remains high allowing excellent visibility.

Also on outdoor, the larger viewing distance can lead to the use of a giant screen: in these situations the easy configuration and adjustment of sizes of the led panels is the ideal solution.

The power consumption is adjusted automatically according to the external brightness: this way the LED displays become more economical, reducing their luminosity when the surrounding light has diminished.

Due to the high refresh rate (60Hz), our led panels allow for high-motion images with no drag effect, which is ideal for a football match or other sport event broadcasts.

In short, there are three major advantages in choosing to rent or install led displays:

  • Visibility in environments with strong luminosity;
  • Large dimensions;
  • The configurable format allowed by panels.

Our led panels:

Key Features

  • Ultra Slim (only 59mm)
  • Low weight
  • Modular design
  • Low consumption
  • High refresh rate
  • Low heat emission
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Fixed Installation
  • Temporary Installation
  • High brightness
  • High Contrast
Ledwall rentalOutdoor ledwall rental, with truss.Indoor ledwall rental, with truss.Indoor ledwall rental, with U truss.Indoor ledwall rental, with box cabinet.Indoor ledwall rental, with box cabinet.Indoor ledwall rental.
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Led screen and ledwall rental solution.

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