Audiovisual Rental

Luz e Som has available a wide range of sound equipment, lighting and all the accessories needed for your event:

  • Screens;
  • Video projectors;
  • Projection screens;
  • Passive or active speakers;
  • Amplifiers;
  • Stage lights and structures;
  • Pulpits;
  • DJ Equipment;
  • Disco lights;
  • platforms;
  • Logos projection light;
  • Facades of lighting;
  • Tents;
  • Supports;
  • Generators;
  • and even more...

With a very large experience in rentals, Luz e Som offers rental hands-on solutions, for business events, exhibitions and fairs, weddings and birthdays, among others.

Case Study: rental for Urban Regeneration Award

Watch the video with this complete solution mount example, with a structure (truss) stage, projection, sound and lighting for the Gala of Urban Rehabilitation Award:

Case-Study: Rental for Architecture Porto School

Watch on this video this example of rental, for a solution with sound, screens and microphones:

Rental Estimate Budget: how to ask?

Just call us by phone or write us an e-mail. Our salesman exclusively dedicated to rental will do everything to fulfill your needs.

What is the area size?

Very important, since there has to be the notion of the area, the right foot, and a number of divisions within the space.

What do you want for the event?

Deliver practical details. As an example, several times people know that they want sound for a party but they do not know that there are several types of sound. Are you going to have a DJ? Is there going to have a dancing area? At a conference, will the speakers be sitting or moving? Will the audience have access to a microphone? All of these details help to match the equipment to your needs.

Do you have an idea of the equipments you want to rent?

And are these equipment suitable? Are you really going to want a projector and screen to use by day? A daytime projection is almost impossible to see. For a proper advice, it is always best to consult with us.


The most important in an audiovisual presentation is the content. In what format are they? What will be playing them, a computer? It is necessary to be sure that the contents will be adequate to the equipment normally available. You should test in advance for the appropriate corrections. Note: Luz e Som does not provide, edit or correct content. The content is provided by the client and it is not our responsibility.

Do you require technicall support?

Technical support, an important factor. Especially in conference and presentations, it is necessary to have a professional technician on the mixing table, who can give support with all their experience and wisdom.

Is that all?

At Luz e Som we pride ourselves on delivering hands-on solutions. Therefore, even if you need something that does not fit directly into the audiovisual field, always ask because we can provide complete solutions.

We needed sound and lighting for a presentation conference of the company's marketing plan and made a request to that way. We were exactly enlightened than on what we would need. The attention to detail was high and this has meant that all went well. The on-site technicians were cordial and quite effective.

Diogo Amaral

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