Advantages of Videoconferencing

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The Video Conference allows people to interact at a distance - on an easy 10 minute walk or a 10 hour flight. It allows to talk about ideas and exchange information as if they were in the same room. There are two main types of benefits that come from videoconferencing:

Quantitative advantages

  • Cost reduction: Less travel and accommodation expenses;
  • Increased Productivity: Time is mostly used to work instead of traveling;
  • Best Use of Resources: People and the information become more accessible.
  • Improved communication: People meet more often;
  • Faster Decision Making: Easy access to key personnel;
  • Higher Morale of Employees: Less time, energy and stress on travel and hotels, more close to family;
  • Greener: There are no gas emissions from cars or planes.

Strategic advantages

  • Making Optimized Decisions: Decisions are not only made faster, but with more consensus and agreement from everyone involved;
  • Quick Crisis Management: Everyone can gather in an instant, wherever they are;
  • Faster marketing: With taken quick decision and greater consensus, new products can reach the consumer faster;
  • Greater Consumer response: With the increased availability of those requirements and consumer needs can be answered more easily.
Sistema de VídeoconferênciaSistema de VídeoconferênciaSistema de Videoconferência

When the time came choose the communication devices, criteria such as image quality, the ability to make connections both within the intranet (the Águas do Douro e Paiva has a fiber optic network) and via the Internet, and the ease of connection between the various equipment, reigned . [...] Everything has run according to what we expected. We regularly make calls without difficulty any in use so far.

Ramiro Leão, Communication and Information Systems, ADP.

Videoconference: Professional vs. web-based

Why opt for professional systems?

In recent years videoconferencing appeared easily within reach of anyone with various software (like Skype, Whatsup, the Viber and others) to conduct video calls from any smartphone, provided there is available network. The 4G access makes it even easier and vulgar able to make this type of call.

So we found ourselves often with few doubt why still opt for "seriou" videoconferencing systems , intended for professional use, which greatly differ from these virtually free systems.

Here, without going into too much technical detail, we try to summarize the advantages of professional video conferencing.

Aqui, sem entrar em grandes pormenores técnicos, tentaremos resumir as vantagens da videoconferência profissional.

Quality: professional videoconferencing vs web based

VC web based VC Professional
  • Image quality varies greatly, if it's possible;
  • Multipoint from monthly value;
  • Cheap cameras or already inserted in the device;
  • Much more likely to have a higher quality image;
  • Assumed multipoint;
  • Greater value in system acquisition, variable depending on the extras;


Network and Safety: professional videoconferencing vs web based

VC baseada em web VC Professional
  • Concerns about security and privacy;
  • Concerns over PtP connection (peer to peer);
  • Concerns over user accounts.
  • Can make secure calls;
  • Can allow traffic to certain IP's;
  • No user accounts;


Features: professional videoconferencing vs web based

VC web based VC Professional
  • You can share your desktop with another location;
  • You can not share document camera;
  • You can not connect to a projector or TV, making it difficult living room viewing;
  • No zoom cameras or presets;
  • Inputs for DVD, document camera, computer, S-Video...
  • Multiple types of views can be shared with other locations;
  • Monitor or projector and screen usually adapted for group viewing;
  • Camera can zoom, panorama tilt and adjust;
  • Document camera is possible.
  • Microphone is ready for a single person on the device;
  • Cable length, if any, can be a problem;
  • It may not have echo cancellation;
  • One must be close to the microphone to speak.
  • Microphone is prepared for groups, it is omnidirectional;
  • Long handle, easy to use across the room, or it may not even need cable;
  • Echo cancellation included;
  • One can talk anywhere in the room.
  • Control done on the device itself.
  • Control done by remote control from anywhere in the room.

skype-for-business.jpgThe Crestron RL2 solutions balance the ease of use of Skype for professional environment. The Crestron RL2 solutions balance the ease of use of Skype for professional environment. Based on Microsoft® Lync® software (Microsoft owns Skype), this solution is easy to install and configure. With four sets of equipment available, it is virtually plug-and-play. Control is via a touch screen.



We would not say that the benefits are clear, but completely different. Using Skype for example, is a much more personal act and more headed for a user to user situation.

On the other hand, professional video conferencing, which is supported by raised root solutions, is, as the name indicates, professional.

For a meeting room for example, it's extremely difficult to adapt a web-based video conferencing for a really professional use. Just say what happens the camera's automatic focus when the various participants in a room rotate speech: if the acquired system allows it, the camera is directed automatically to the person who is speaking.

There are a number of automatic controls that really turn videoconferencing into a truly useful work tool, productive and of course professional. The very image quality, display devices, further contribute to this.

Conclusion: to each one, each use. Whether to use video conferencing in business or school environment, the solution should not go for domestic use systems. Crestron provides a "middle way", and together with Microsoft it provide solutions that are the best of both worlds.

Contact Luz e Som for more information about video conferencing and we will be happy to arrange a meeting.

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