In Wall Sonance Loudspeakers

The authentic pioneers on in wall  speakers

In 1982, the co-founders of Sonance Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencer asked a client to pinpoint the location on the kitchen wall where you would like the speakers were placed. With a single hammer blow, the shock waves went through audio and architecture industries. At that time, the founders of Sonance had created was literally a Columbus egg: the relationship between architecture and audio would be changed forever. The Sonance did something no one in the audio industry had done before: move the speakers from the shelves and floor to the wall and ceiling.

Suddenly the speaker placement has become almost limitless, with the walls and ceiling of a room in the house, to be a blank canvas open to the architect and designer. With Sonance, speakers could be less obtrusive, but not least acoustically accurate. They could do a design element.

Sonance has thus become a reference wall of column overhead columns, to embed, as well as in surround sound systems.

In addition to the recessed speakers in the ceiling or wall systems, Sonance also has a range of completely invisible speakers and rock speakers outdoor (appropriate speakers for garden and swimming pool).

Summary of Sonance range

  • In wall speakers to embedded ambient sound system;
  • Recessed speaker for home theaters;
  • Outdoor speakers for wet areas, protruding or recessed;
  • Invisible Speakers;
  • Garden columns (landscape or "rock" type).
Sonance CinemaSonance CinemaSonance CinemaSonance CinemaSonance Cinema

Sonance offers various degrees of finishes and shapes to your speakers, since the Original Series, going by the latest Visual Performance - with reduced frame - and the Architectural Series - frameless. It is possible to paint the grids of the speakers: they come with adequate protection for it. For total concealment and invisibility to a degree of 100% there are available speakers in the invisible Invisible series.

Sonance LandscapeSonanceSonance LandscapeSonance LandscapeSonance LandscapeSonance Rock

Sonance Professional Series loudspeaker

The new range of Sonance professional loudspeakers that set a new benchmark in sound quality and aesthetics for commercial environments. Includes a range of 70V, 100V, 8 Ohm selectable In-Ceiling, Pendant and Surface Mount Speakers. The loudspeakers deliver unequalled fidelity, extremely low distortion, wide dispersion and exceptional reliability.

The range also shares consistent voicing, ensuring seamless sonic integration when used together throughout a space.

Sonance Professional Series has been engineered with a level of attention to detail not typically seen in the commercial audio industry and are available in 4", 6.5", 8" 2-Way and an 8" Woofer.

New Series Sonance Professional LoudspeakersNew Series Sonance Professional LoudspeakersNew Series Sonance Professional LoudspeakersNew Series Sonance Professional Loudspeakers


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