Cloud Electronics

Cloud Electronics: ambient sound done properly.

Zoners and amplifiers for ambient and multiroom sound systems

The Cloud Electronics is the brand which Luz e Som works with to control, amplify and distribute audio, professional sound system facilities.

Using Cloud in auditoriums, hotels, restaurants, schools and other educational establishments, among many other places, Luz e Som can ensure superior quality and referential resistance in this area. This is how one can give comfort and confidence to the end customer, knowing it will not look bad with equipment from this level.

Cloud Electronics

Many applications, reliability as a common parameter.

Both for international hotel chains, museums, entertainment venues, health centers and gyms: for many of them Luz e Som chooses Cloud Electronics. This is because Luz e Som and Cloud Electronics share an uncompromising commitment to excellence. Luz e Som understands the importance of reliability and knows that in the end, quality pays.

Customers of Luz e Som value a clear and intelligible sound that is easy to handle and that works consistently smoothly. The Cloud equipments enjoy a worldwide reputation for deliver exactly that, with a reputation for reliability and performance that is won almost entirely through word of mouth.

Cloud ElectronicsCloud ElectronicsCloud ElectronicsCloud ElectronicsCloud Electronics


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Cloud Electronics
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Cloud Electronics
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