Sound Systems and Simultaneous Translation

Sound quality for all

In many auditoriums, meeting rooms, multipurpose and conference rooms, the sound and simultaneous translation systems have been praised by leaders and institutions worldwide in conference rooms and summits of the utmost importance, where the effectiveness of these systems is truly put to the proof.

In any meeting, international conferences of big business meetings, through seminars and professional or academic symposium, these systems provide effective solutions to be considered.

Currently, this type of equipment is easy to operate both from the point of view of control as the individual user.


In terms of sound quality, the high level reached does not allow to miss a single word. These systems are optimized for each sound environment, so that even a long conference forbid ear fatigue, and can be adapted to both temporary and definitive facilities, to multilingual systems (with simultaneous translation) or monolingual.

The option of electronic voting system can also turn a conference room into a voting room, with immediate results in decision-making.

Contact us for more information about these systems and how we can implement them in your case.

Professional Sound

Each case is different

Luz e Som offers the most diverse options for professional sound, with quality as a common factor.

Loudspeakers for discos, nightclubs and bars, active or passive; recessed speakers; water resistant loudspeakers or with pivoting sound to a certain point, and also sub-aquatic loudspeakers for pools or appropriate for green space: Luz e Som certainly has an option for your company.

Depending on the actual needs that will solve the the sound problem in question, Luz e Som will present the most compatible solutions with the appropriate options to the available budget.

Sound for Disco sound

Playing music for 30 years

Luz e Som since its foundation pays special attention to the animation business and DJ. Interestingly, one of the first products to be marketed and manufactured by Luz e Som in the mid-80s, were the mirror balls.

With a broad portfolio in the area and numerous customers DJs, Luz e Som offers a wide range of brands and products for this profession, always taking into account the preference for brands that ensure high levels of performance and quality.

Contact us for more information about these deejay sound systems and how we can implement them in your case.

Other Available Brands

Luz e Som provides a very wide range of brands and is authorized dealer of several of these brands. In this way, we can combine the added value of each brand and choose from many equipment ranges the best solution to your business needs, space, and budget.

For more information visit the respective websites.

Professional Loudspeakers

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DeeJay Equipment

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AV and Sound Distribution, Multiroom

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Our Brands

Cloud Electronics
Cornered - Colunas de Canto
Cloud Electronics
SCP Cables - Cabos Audio Image Network
Sonance - Colunas de Encastrar para Som Ambiente e Cinema em Casa

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