Home Cinema

A real movie theater

Installed in your home or apartment

In the entertainment world, Home Theater has secured a prominent place. With hi-fi speakers built specifically to accompany the display of movies, powered by no less excellent amplifiers, with Luz e Som the Home Theater with becomes a world of sensations.


And why not have in your home your own private movie theater?

And we do not talk only of speakers and televisions, go to where your imagination takes you: projectors and screens for a real dimension of cinema chairs really film, lighting that adjusts according to pre-determined programs for correct viewing, sound that fits your position in the room, all to contribute to a real movie theater in your home.

The Luz e Som, given its extensive experience in this type of facilities, works in perfect harmony with your architect or decorator in order to find the best way to integrate home theater equipment in the aesthetics of your room.

Where to install your home theater?

In a villa or house with an exclusive room to make movies, or in an apartment where the theater has to share the same room in the living room, you can have professional quality with integrated systems with speakers recessed in wall or ceiling. Thus the volumes occupied by the columns can be greatly reduced without having to be limited to the proportionally reduced performance of very small columns.

There are also devices that hide the TV or projector in furniture or walls and uncover that when you press "Watch Movie" in the control system button for home automation.

How will the Cinema room at Home?

For some specific cases, where the budget involves chairs, acoustic preparation indicated walls and ceiling, in which somehow the room is really only dedicated to cinema, Luz e Som can make a 3D simulation of the movie theater, to have some preview images that allow the customer to have an idea of the final result.


Other Available Brands

Luz e Som provides a very wide range of brands and is authorized dealer of several of these brands. In this way, we can combine the added value of each brand and choose from many equipment ranges the best solution to your business needs, space, and budget.

For more information visit the respective websites.

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Our Brands

Artcoustic - Colunas Quadro
Avantgarde Acoustic - Colunas de Corneta
Cineak - Cadeiras de Cinema em Casa
Cornered - Colunas de Canto
Crestron - Controlo Integrado e Domótica
Future Automation - Suporte Motorizados para TV e Projector
James Loudspeakers - Colunas de Encastrar para Hi Fi e Cinema em Casa
Oray - Telas de Projecção para Cinema em Casa
Piega - Colunas Hi Fi e Cinema em Casa
Rasike - Cadeiras de Cinema em Casa
SCP Cables - Cabos Audio Imagem Rede
Smart Media Solutions - Suportes para TV, Ecrãs e Projectores
Sonance - Colunas de Encastrar para Som Ambiente e Cinema em Casa

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