iPort Docking Stations

from Sonance

 iPort is a brand of the referenced Sonance, for docking stations for iPhone and iPod, directed to a use of multi-zone sound environment. This system facilitates the sharing of content such as music and video in the home or office. Within the product range are considered two main areas: the mounting recessed in the wall and mount base table.

What does the iPort docking station do?

The iPort in-wall systems allow an iPhone, or iPod touch become part of the home entertainment or office system, integrating into any environment as hotel rooms, restaurants or offices.

Just get to the site and put the MP3 player at the base and immediately listen to your music in the local surround sound system as well as sharing it to another division if the same sound system permits.


See here how this docking station system dedicated to the iPad works:

The LaunchPort is an iPad mounting system, which allows the charging of the iPad by induction (without plug or wire). The docking station system can be used in base table or wall, and is easily placed in horizontal or vertical direction.



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