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With home automation system Domintell create your home is to devise a new way of life where everything contributes to your well-being, follows your desires and evolves. That is why home automatio is no longer a luxury, but an intelligent management tool. It increases your security and avoid wasting energy.

Domintell can manage, according to your needs and your welfare, the lighting, heating and air conditioning, and much more. The only installation required modules makes the system unique, scalable, and allows it to continue to evolve with new technologies.

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Starting on the management of light sources, blinds and heating, for programming and remote management are all possible and, above all, universally accessible: energy savings, safety / security and comfort, of course. High definition displays with the opening of video intercom, internet access, integrated audio control via iPod or iPhone, unlimited graphics software, and temperature control, sound system, among others.

The ease of use of Domintell equipment is reflected in the use of intuitive interfaces. The Domintell switches, 2 to 6 buttons, with many advantages replace the ancient mechanical on-off switches. You can, from a basic installation of lighting control, increase or decrease the light both instantly as gradually, as well as control up to 6 light sources, blinds, black-outs, etc. Those with touch panel screen allow even more variables.


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