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Crestron is "THE" worldwide reference brand in integrated home automation and control. Known for its robustness and difficult to overcome versatility, its main functions integrate all systems controllable in a business or residence.

Its solutions enable builders and installers to offer their projects the features that investors and buyers need a house or modern company, allowing you to add value and differentiation to its offer.

crestron-programador-certif.pngLuz e Som installs in Portugal Crestron equipment, for almost two decades, thus having extensive experience in this type of facilities.

Luz e Som can count on highly specialized human resources like the only Portuguese Certified Crestron Programmer.

Installing Crestron systems residential level and commercial level, Crestron has in Luz e Som and at Portugal and Angola, the partner for excellence in their representation in the Portuguese and Angolan market.

In Angola have been completed several works with a strong presence of Crestron, confirming the recognition of its high quality by the demanding Angolan customer.


Crestron in your company:

Advantages of systems integration on enterprise level

At company level, Crestron is a robust option, versatile and extremely reliable, making it suitable for Auditoriums, Meeting Rooms, Business Rooms, Multimedia Rooms, Museums, Showrooms, Video Conferencing Systems and Audio / Video control.

Some advantages of Crestron in your business:

  • Integrating different business systems to work intelligently;
  • Monitoring the entire building technology from a central control;
  • Take actions based on the information of the use of rooms and equipment;
  • Having a scalable solution across the enterprise as the change is needed;
  • Anticipate problems before they occur and respond immediately;
  • Receive instant notifications from any computer with Internet, smartphone or tablet;
  • To control accurately the power consumption.

Crestron Air Media

With the new Crestron AirMedia you can enter a meeting room and immediately start making presentations with any kind of documents. What appears on your screen may appear instantly on your TV or projector meeting room, either from your smartphone (iOS or Android), or from your personal computer. Wireless, high-definition.

Crestron in your home:

Advantages of systems integration and home automation at residential level

Crestron is an option to consider in more complex residential facilities, as you can control as many devices such as AV systems, HVAC, lighting, blinds, projectors and its elevator, audio and video matrix's, televisions, surveillance cameras , security and video intercom, media servers, iPod, etc.

Some sample applications:

  • Easy control of all the technology in your home from touch screens or Crestron app on your smartphone or tablet;
  • Scheduling and automation of repetitive tasks, such as downloading blinds, lower lights, close and open doors, adjust temperatures; creating suitable environments for different activities, all with a touch of a button;
  • To control accurately the power consumption to lower costs;
  • Control the new technologies as you add them to your home;
  • Group all wall switches and remote controls into one touch interface.


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