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Home automation and Ambient Sound

What is Home Automation?

Far from the idea of having a robot at home to do things, the purpose of home automation is that the functions of all electrical and electronic equipment in the house are controlled and automated locally or remotely through a central integrated system.

Luz e Som, a pioneer in Home Automation area in Portugal, installs this type solutions since around 1998, having had a very strong participation in the first Smart Home in Portugal, at the Concreta exhibition in Exponor.

Currently, with many hundreds of solutions already implemented, from simple home automation systems to sophisticated solutions in terms of the best things in the world especially from the United States, pioneer country in these solutions.

The fact that we operate for about 20 years in the professional market of audio, video and system integration allowed us to acquire a "know-how" that was easily transported to the home of home automation solutions. In addition, permanent contact with international markets and fairs with partners working in the sector, allowed Luz e Som to deploy firsthand in Portugal many innovative solutions of the world's leading brands of the sectors in which they operate.

Practical Benefits of Home Automation

What are the benefits of having Home Automation in your home?

By equipping your home with modern and effective valences, not only are you increasing your comfort level but also increasing your house value, whether as a builder to sell - at the very least have a pre-installation that allows to  offer this option to their customers - either as ultimate owner. Predicates of home automation allow your home to be:

  • More modern;
  • More practical and easy to use
  • Easier to control;
  • More economical energetically;
  • More safe.
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Turn your house into a smart home

Practical Examples of what you can do with Home Automation:

  • Control your lights: you can program multiple lighting scenarios and control outlets which are connected light sources. Thus, with a choice of scenario, then adjusts the setting for a party situation, dining, reading, cinema. This with a press of a button;
  • Put away in a drawer command and control all in one command: If you want to see a movie, you don't need to turn on the TV, change the TV input, connect the DVD player, connect the amplifier, press play on the DVD, turn off the box .. . just choose "Watch Movie"!
  • Control electric blinds, electric shutters or black-outs making them an integral part of your lighting scenarios;
  • Save energy with the use of programmed sunlight. Summer programming keeps heat out, on winter it can let in the sun;
  • One touch power off all the lights in the house or business without walking in search of forgotten lights.
  • Master, all your audio-visual and surround sound system from a single location either in your hand or on the wall touchscreen;
  • See what the security cameras are capturing in its closed circuit (CCTV) and check if your kids are right in the room or by the pool. You can view these images in real time on your mobile smartphone away from home;
  • Forget mechanical buttons or large sets of 2, 4 or 6 switches: in the space of a normal switch can have many more functions: Sound control, lights, room temperature, blinds, and more;
  • Make an ambient temperature of programming, and automatically cover its heated swimming pool after a certain time;
  • To be informed in real time if the security alarms are being activated, even away from home: it is possible to detect water leakage, high level of CO2 in a garage, gas leaks, fire, smoke, glass break and intrusion;
  • Remotely control everything on your computer or mobile phone smartphone: one has a visit you can open the far door. If you are arriving early the house can prepare the room temperature;
  • Programming consumption in off-peak hours to reduce energy costs.

The possibilities of home automation are endless, especially with installations by Luz e Som: make your home a truly smart home and dominate it with a user-friendly interface. You can also install home automation, not only in homes under construction, but also install in houses or apartments that are undergoing minor renovations, and even install home automation in homes already built.

How to request a quote for Home Automation?

Send us or send us:

  • A plan of the house or apartment. Show us where to install your home automation system; you can also send a drawing with approximate measurements but more details are important, for example in the case of windows: how many windows will be "controlled"? Will they will have electric shutters, interior fabrics, exterior awnings...
  • What do you want from your home automation system? What will you want to control? What systems have been installed that you want to control, or to control systems that will add? Example: want to control electric blinds and lighting, or is looking to control sound system, home theater system and air conditioning? It also aims to control cameras and all the security system? I wish I could control everything by phone? Already have surround sound but it is not controllable? Give details.
  • Description of Materials and Installation: For example, the electrical installation is a normal installation or already have a built in installation of home automation? When the house was built all the circuits were "direct" to the main power board? The house already exists or still in draft? Will you do a remodel of an existing home?
  • What's your available budget? "From / to a certain value" will be a good indication for respecting your needs and your budget. Whatever it is. On home automation there is equipment suitable for the most different budgets.
  • Is there any existing equipment? Is there any equipment of a previous installation that you can use? You know of any equipment you'd like to have?
  • Aesthetics Description: There are buttons and switches of any manufacturer who would like to keep? We can install home automation "behind" the usual switches or simply replace the switches by our brands.


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