We want to take your ears to heaven.

High fidelity is part of our day-to-day. Let yours be like that. Our team of experts in high fidelity essays, tests and compares audio playback systems of the best brands and the best relationship quality / price in the market.

We choose the best options but always with one main goal in mind: your satisfaction. Not always the choice of a piece of equipment will be the right one; so we are committed to carry out an advisory that essentially meets your tastes, your satisfaction and your well being.

Above all remember that audio equipment reproduce recordings and these give us emotions. Let these emotions be part of your universe. Visit us, we have solutions for you. Listen to music is one of them...

Sala Hi-Fi, Luz e SomSala Hi-Fi, Luz e SomSala Hi-Fi com comando por interface em tabletSala Hi-Fi, Luz e SomAvantgarde com AudionSala Hi-Fi na Luz e Som em LisboaAvantgarde LoudspeakersAvantgarde Loudspeakers

Other Available Brands

Luz e Som provides a very wide range of brands and is authorized dealer of several of these brands. In this way, we can combine the added value of each brand and choose from many equipment ranges the best solution to your business needs, space, and budget.

For more information visit the respective websites.

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Our Brands

Avantgarde Acoustic
James Loudspeakers

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