Shops and showrooms

Sound and image for shops and commercial areas

In addition to ambient sound, more and more commercial establishments use various aspects of audio-visual to thank their customers and generate a positive return for their well-being. Luz e Som presents audio-visual solutions for the most diverse spaces, from small stores to retail warehouses, so that you can leave an important impression on your customers.

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Ambient sound

An ambient sound solution in commercial space means using reliable and robust equipment since they will run for many hours without interruption. In addition, in certain venues, it is necessary to have more than one zone in operation and with the possibility to use calling microphones or evacuation message systems. There is also the possibility of directional sound, which concentrates a message in an area of the store (for example, the customer passing a corridor top may hear a call to purchase the product located there).

Digital Signage

Digital signage screens, passive or interactive, can have multiple uses. Whether helping customer orientation in the commercial space, enhancing its image or providing relevant information, such as promotions, is an important addition to internal communication.


Window Videowall

Increasingly used, the videowall system and led systems in shopping windows is an authentic moving window. It’s size dynamism and lighting makes it extremely appealing.

Projection Systems

Like videowall, but with other technical characteristics, mainly of luminosity, the systems of projection in wall, screen or glass, also have great impact.




Integrated Lighting Control

With professional lighting control systems, mainly based on Crestron, the control of all functionalities will always be easier and it is even possible to limit the type of control or what can be controlled by the user.

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