Restaurants and Bars

Sound and Image for Restaurants and Bars

Cared atmospheres with reference audio-visuals.

In your restaurant or bar, it is important to entertain customers visually, and a professional sound that has good quality and high reliability. So, that the pleasure of enjoying good music does not become an unpleasant problem, it is best to rely on the professional teams of Luz e Som.

With a lot of experience in projects and installations of audio-visual media in restaurants and bars, such as professional televisions prepared for continuum functioning, projection systems for major events; as well as ambient sound or professional sound systems and control of all systems, certainly, Luz e Som will bring up the solution more suited to the needs of your catering establishment.


Television and Signal Distribution

In addition to the usual televisions for the restaurant and bar environment, it is necessary to distribute and control the appropriate signals for the screens without loss of quality. This is even more important in case of multiple signal sources, or in case of special events in which the contents can be sent from space spaces.


For larger formats or in an event, a high-quality visual projection solution with excellent quality.

Ambient Sound

Enable your customers to listen to ambient music at volumes suited to a conversation of superior quality. In the case of content in presentation format you can also use the surround sound system for the sound of the contents.


Party Sound and Lighting

For a group of party people with DJs, Luz e Som is perfectly suited for preparing a complete system, for any space or budget and for various alternatives. Please contact us to ask about any doubts.


Budget Request

Want to know more? Request a budget for your project: