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Image, Sound and Control for Meeting and Board Rooms 

Meeting and board rooms are now much more than the sum of table and chairs: a modern meeting room, with features that help you work faster and increase the connectivity of the participants, enables greater involvement and ease communications.

Salas de Reuniões e de Administração com Controlo Integrado


Within your meeting room, your employees may express and readily absorb what is communicated to them. Viewpoints show up on a screen or a screen , words and gestures are expressed through conference call or video conference, information is shared in an agile way.

Allow a supplier to present a product easily, by connecting to your screen. Share your solution to a costumer. Revolutionize the way you communicate. Learn how: talk to Luz e Som.

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Controle the Blinders

Control your blinders or blackouts: master the privacy or the lighting of your meeting room using pre-programmed settings with a touch on a central command.

Adjust the Lighting

Use programmed lighting scenarios. With a single touch, prepare all the lights and focus on designing, discussion, reading.


Hide TV’s and Screens

Create visual impact with TV, projectores and screen concealment mechanisms. Just display the equipment when it will be used.

Share Information

Share screens and easily from any support (PC, Mac, Android or iOS) simultaneously, on the TV or projection screen.

Save Time and Money

Streamline decision-making, saving on travel, accommodation and overtime with video and audio conferences.




Hide the Cables

With table boxes, all cable connections are readily available, but hidden when not needed.

Centralize your Remote Control

Control the whole room from the tablet. Let it always charged in for desktop or wall docking station, with no cables.

Listen Better

Have everyone to listen presentations in perfect intelligibility conditions.

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Meeting and Board Room Solutions.


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AV and Control Meeting and Board Rooms Solutions from Luz e Som

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