Solutions for Hotels

Deliver an excellent visual impression to your guests.

With much experience in working with architecture and decoration teams, Luz e Som collaborates in the construction or renovation of your hotel, helping to raise it to a higher level. Modern customer - not only and exclusively the high segment of customer - is often used to use technology and likes to see this lifestyle reflected in the hosting sites.

It is not enough, to leave a positive memory and emotional customer, to only have wi-fi: the hotel client appreciates digital signage solutions, likes to complement the usual TV in the room with a surround sound system, will be surprised and pleased when the luxury suite has a TV in the mirror and when attending a meeting room for your business it's to the easy control everything through an integrated control system.


Ambient Multiroom Sound

Who hasn't heard hoarse loudspeakers in an elevator or hotel corridor, a public address where the sound is not clear, or didn't even get a sound system in a hotel room? Luz e Som, expert in surround sound solutions and evac sound (mandatory under certain conditions), can improve this important sound impression that leaves in its guests. With multiple solutions and several brands appropriate to different budgets, for the room, in the lobby or in the hallways, in the restaurant or bar, there is a multiroom audio solution tailored for you, always with high quality.

Digital Signage

Digital signage screens, passive or interactive, can have multiple uses. From helping the guest orientation at the hotel, enhance your image or to provide relevant information, such as nearby attractions or the hotel restaurant menu, for example - digital signage screens are an important addition to internal communication and a source for the guest's interest.


Room Hospitality

Today, the luxury decoration involves technology integration in the environment. In addition to the usual TV in the rooms, Luz e Som provides audio-visual distinction solutions that facilitate interaction and guest entertainment and lend a modern luxurious atmosphere to the room.

Ambient sound from the guest's own smartphone, so the guest can listen to your favorite music list. In the bathrooms, we can install mirror TVs - when shaving or putting on make-up, the guests can watch their programs. Also, motorized TV lifting and hiding mechanisms allow even to surprise guests and save some room.

Multiple facilities in your hotel?

In many hotels, there is even more equipment for the guest's benefit. If your hotel also has meeting rooms or auditorium be sure to consult our solutions for these facilities as well as Gyms and Spa or Restaurant and Bar, which will help to bring return to your investment.

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