Gym and Spa

Gyms and Spas

AV for the body and soul

In gyms and Spas the audiovisual media when transmitting sensations are an important part of the relaxation and enjoyment of the facilities, and deliver the customer the animation of a dance class, the incentive to use the weight machines, the necessary distraction for many minutes at the treadmill, and of course, the necessary relaxation to enjoy a sauna or Turkish bath or water aerobics class.


Ambient sound

Enables its customers to hear ambient music volumes suitable for a conversation but with high quality. If the content is in presentation format it can also use the sound system.

Gym Class Sound

Besides the usual ambient sound that can be present in the locker rooms and classrooms, there is still the need for professional high-quality sound with enough power for spinning classes, aerobics, and more. Luz e Som knows how frustrating it is to deliver a class and the equipment fails and how demotivating it is to be doing physical effort when the sound is bad, so we equate the best sound solutions for gyms.





The image is ubiquitous in modern gyms, whether in front of users in the cardio section or in section weight machines. For daily use almost 24/24, it is needed robust devices, which are often subjected to high humidity environments.

Digital Signage

Digital signage screens, passive or interactive, can have multiple uses. They can help guide the user in the gym and spa, enhance the visual identity or provide relevant information, such as existing treatment plans or a new type of class and a new schedule, for example. You can also rent space to third parties, thus maximizing the equipment: a gym can have advertising space for food supplements or sports brands.


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