Case Study - ISGEST Auditorium

Case Study of Auditorium Audiovisual Systems

Auditório ISGEST - School of Management, Logistics and Transportation (Luanda)

Open since the end of 2012 in Luanda, the auditorium of the Superior Institute of Management, Logistics and Transportation, has capacity for about 700 people. The Institute forms workers for port and maritime, air, rail and road sectors of Angola and is therefore of great importance to this african country.

Casa Study Audiovisuais Hotel


Responsible for the installation of all audiovisual equipment and control systems and stage lighting, Luz e Som had a role of great importance.

Instalattion included solutions for:

  • Projection
  • Image management
  • Sound and Sound Control
  • Auxiliary image
  • Régie
  • Simultaneous translation booths
  • Ambient sound.

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