Auditório e Salas de Conferência

Large format, great impact.

Luz e Som installs various audio-visual media in conference rooms and auditoriums, from sound to image, such as large-format projection systems (projector and screen of various sizes) and simultaneous translation and video conference systems, lighting structures and lighting, and their integrated control of all systems.



For larger formats or in case of events, the projection screen solution has a huge visual impact and with excellent quality.

Support Image

In case of large space arises the need for image support in intermediate points of the room, to optimize the visualization of all the users of the conference room.

Professional Sound

All users should be able to listen in perfect conditions of intelligibility all the contents presented on the stage of the auditorium. For this, Luz e Som proposes solutions recognized and supported by the vast experience in this area.

Acoustic Treatment

Mainly in larger rooms or not equated from the root to be auditoriums, the sound can be of poor quality and even disruptive to the good condition of the users. The solution can undergo a correct acoustic treatment, where - for example - the excessively reflected frequencies can be damped with acoustic panels.



Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous translation systems allow the immediate translation (in real time), through interpreters, with the audience to choose the language in which they want to hear the actors on stage. The system sends the translation sound by radio signal to all the headphones in the room..

Video Conference

Video conferencing systems can be combined with use in Auditoriums and Conference Rooms for remote interventions by other participants or the sending of sound and image to other venues.


Whether in the room or on the stage, Luz e Som offers several solutions: its experience in stage lighting, with or without structure support, combined with the partnership with LightDesign, is a tremendous asset in this field.

Integrated Control and System Integration

With professional integrated control systems, mainly based on Crestron, the control of all functionalities will always be easier and it is even possible to limit the type of control or what can be controlled by the user.


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