Meeting Rooms and Board Rooms Solutions

The Meeting and Board Rooms were practically reinvented for some years: the technological need is such that it is sometimes difficult to manage and operate all the equipment involved. Luz e Som knows that it is necessary to streamline information sharing by its users; while it is necessary that the audiovisual equipment involved is harmoniously involved in aesthetics.


Hotels Solutions

Providing environment sound solutions (multiroom), digital signage (signaling and information through audio-visual media, with interactive possibility), and room hospitality (television and sound in the rooms), Luz e Som elevates your hotel to another level : an extensive know-how, supported by reference works in hotels in Portugal and in Angola confirms that Luz e Som can make your hotel stay in the memory of guests..


Restaurants and Bars Solutions

Bars and restaurants, some with their outdoor spaces, are always areas where good sound quality is crucial in order not to disturb the enjoyment of a good meal or a single leisure time; they are also spaces that can be a place for entertainment, like with a DJ or live music.


Auditorium and Conference Rooms Solutions

The use of auditoriums and conference rooms is largely dependent on the effectiveness of audio-visual systems which are installed. Large projection systems, sound systems, video conferencing and simultaneous translation, easily controlled by highly reliable interfaces, are an inherent part of these rooms and contribute not only to a good impression of users - both the stage side as the audience - but also for a correct and easy reading of the contents.


Gyms and Spa

In gyms and SPA audiovisual media are an important part of the relaxation and enjoyment of the property, and deliver the clients the animation of a dance class, the incentive to use the weight machines, the necessary distraction for many minutes at crosswalks, and of course the so needed relaxation to enjoy a sauna or Turkish bath or a water aerobics class.

Budget Request

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