Urban Rehabilitation Week Porto 2018

Porto 2018 Urban Rehabilitation Week starts this 26rg November.

Urban Rehabilitation Week Porto 2018

October 31, 2018 at 4:33 PM

Vida Imobiliária and Promevi, with the support of the Porto Coty Council in partnership with the audiovisual rental department of Luz e Som, propose a new edition of the Urban Rehabilitation Week, full of events, which sets the agenda for both the city and the country.



Multiple initiatives, attracting professionals and the general public, residents and visitors, to highlight the economic and social impact of Urban Rehabilitation, in a Week of Urban Rehabilitation in the country's media agenda, with a strong communication and a unified and striking image.

Several companies participate with innovative solutions aimed at rehabilitation professionals, architects and designers, financial entities, developers and real estate agents, public entities, students, investors and the public in general.


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