Sonance Reference: the new reference on inwall loudspeakers

New ceiling and wall speakers Sonance Reference Series: a reference for home cinema built in speakers.

Sonance Reference: the new reference on inwall loudspeakers

February 14, 2018 at 10:30 AM

A Reference in Sound Quality

The new Sonance Reference Speakers and Subwoofers offer up all new driver technology and consistent tonal matching across the line, making it simple to mix and match speaker and subwoofer models in any configuration and still achieve optimized performance. It was designed using Sonance Klippel II technology to ensure that every movement was carefully measured and accurately tuned. The high excursion woofers, 4th generation coaxial driver, individual crossover networks, optimized diffraction baffle and new matte finish combine to create Reference; the standard in fidelity.


Created for AV Designers building systems that require the best surround sound available with a look that fits the space aesthetically; the Sonance Reference Series provides a truly incredible sound. Engineered to give you an amazing cinema experience in any room, the Sonance Reference Series has options for in-wall, in-ceiling, cabinet speakers and in-wall subwoofers. Low-profile, paintable design that allows you to experience the content without visual intrusion.

Consistent and discret aesthetic

Sonance Reference Series in-wall and in-ceiling speakers share the same award-winning low-profile grille design as the rest of the Visual Performance Series family, creating a consistent aesthetic throughout the home.

A one-piece paintable grille that allows for a one-step painting process ensures a high-quality result is achieved along with accurate colour matching of the adjoining wall or ceiling surface.


Sonance Reference Series speakers were designed with the exact same footprint as Visual Performance Cinema, meaning, you will be able to upgrade any existing Visual Performance Cinema system to Reference without construction changes.


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