New Sonance ceiling loudspeakers

New Sonance ceiling loudspeakers

February 28, 2018 at 8:00 AM

Sonance Low Profile ceiling loudspeakers

For ceiling-enclosing installations in restricted spaces, Sonance has introduced two new loudspeakers in the professional line - PS-C43RTLP and PS-C63RTLP. They are adjustable 70V / 100V / 8 Ohm columns with a seismic hook, the C43 has a 4 "woofer and a 63" woofer. The tweeter is pivoting and soft-chambered. They can use a round or square grid, black or white. There is always the option of painting the grid of the columns.


More importantly, they are the size of these columns: they are only 111mm high and are ideal for placing in suspended ceilings, for example in places where they pass AC lines, or in divisions with a reduced right foot that require using more compact speakers.

As usual at Sonance, the professional line maintains a very high level of performance and reliability and these new ceiling speakers are no exception.

Low Thick Ceiling Speakers: Ultra Thin Line: VP52R

More suited to the residential environment and also with the intention of covering all needs, Sonance also launched the VP52R UTL: Ultra Thin Line. At only 39 mm high, it maintains the same performance that has already garnered several awards in the rest of the VP - Visual Performance series - as well as the extremely discreet design. In its category, the VP52R ceiling speakers have the highest woofer and best response at low frequencies. Round or square grids may be used.



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