James Small Aperture Loudspeakers

New James Small Aperture ceiling and wall loudspeakers: maximum discretion and performance.

James Small Aperture Loudspeakers

February 26, 2018 at 4:50 PM

How can you reconcile a minimal visible size with superior performance? In loudspeakers, the laws of physics have always dictated that this is a difficult problem to solve. The new James Small Aperture series has discovered this Columbus Egg: a hidden box on the wall or ceiling with a minimal opening.


You don’t need bass boxes to compensate for the small size of the speakers: the aperture is like a ceiling spotlight. The performance is very high due to the hidden box and in most installations, you don’t have to add a box subwoofer to the set.

James's architectural speaker series was designed to smash up the conventional wall and ceiling speakers with only a small 7.5 cm output. It delivers a refined, full-range musical experience with high-performance levels, defined bass response and wide dispersion in the listening area - all to meet the aesthetic demands of discerning homeowners, architects or interior designers.


Able to fit into rather small enclosures, it is ideal for residential and commercial applications where appearance and performance are paramount.

Though compact, it will effortlessly fill any space with music through a surprisingly small and fully customizable opening. It uses proprietary aluminium drivers, including a 4-inch woofer and a 2-inch medium / tweeter inside an aeronautical-grade aluminium chassis. Designed for the customer looking for a superior performance solution but dramatically outperforms the traditional wall or ceiling speakers, it delivers true high-fidelity quality, out-of-the-ordinary performance, unmatched durability and almost invisible aesthetic perfection.



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