Gran Cruz Multimedia Center

Gran Cruz Multimedia Center with AV, projection, multiroom and interactivity, by Luz e Som

Gran Cruz Multimedia Center

October 01, 2012 at 3:00 PM

Gran Cruz Multimedia Center with audiovisual, projection, surround and directional sound, and interactivity, by Luz e Som.

Centro Multimédia Gran Cruz - Façade

It is in its new Multimedia Centre in Vila Nova de Gaia that Gran Cruz, owner of the flagship brand of wines Porto Cruz, will present all its wine ranges and insert them thematically in the history of Port wine.


Gran Cruz Multimedia Center - Square vie, by night, with LED lighting.

In a building that already promises to be a reference and a new, modern way of showing the Port Wine,Gran Cruz had strong collaboration of Luz e Som on of audiovisual systems and home automation as well as part of lighting.

Gran Cruz Multimedia Center - Exhibitors and Interactive Screens

From the entrance to the terrace with a fabulous view - under the cable car of Vila Nova de Gaia - Multimedia Gran Cruz Multimedia Center is packed with interactive technology that will allow visitors to tourists not only taste the wines in the best conditions, but also hoarding knowledge of wine making at Douro's world.

Videowall and Directional Sound

On the ground floor a videowall with 4 independent screen lets you view introductory content available in 4 different languages, selectable by the visitor. This sound system is supported on specific directional sound speakers, the sound-shower of Panphonics. These speakers direct the sound to just who view contents, allowing the viewer to hear their language in every presentation without disturbing the person on the side.

Gran Cruz Multimedia Center - Screens with Interactive Sound sound-shower type

There are also interactive tables where you can through the aromas, selected music and environment to find out what the most appropriate wine for the occasion. These tables equipped with Hantarex touch screens.


Gran Cruz Multimedia Center - Interactive projection with sound-shower projected sound.

Lighting Control

Toda a temática do edifício é orientada pelo Vinho do Porto. As divisões e os andares partilham várias "velas" translúcidas e iluminadas por sistemas LED projectados e instalados pela Luz e Som, inspiradas nas barcos rabelo típicos do transporte de vinho no Rio Douro.

The whole building theme is guided by the Port Wine. Rooms and levels share several translucent "ship sales" and illuminated by LED systems designed and installed by Luz e Som, inspired by the typical Rabelo boats that shipped wine in the Douro River.

Gran Cruz Multimedia Center - Projection and Interactive tables

On the 1st floor the visitors are also invited to explore the route of Port wine through interactive projections and tablets. Again the system is available in four languages. The projection is supported by short-throw projectors from Mitsubishi with directional sound from Panphonics.

Gran Cruz Multimedia Center - Showroom

On the 2nd floor there is also a cinema auditorium with capacity for about 30 people, equipped with projection Mitsubishi and Sonance Ellipse cinema speaker, and which is projected a short film purposely created to the theme of the Port wine.

Gran Cruz Multimedia Center - cinema auditorium.

Outdoor Sound - Terrace

On the terrace we also have surround sound system with Sonance Mariner weatherproof speakers and preinstallation for shows.

Gran Cruz Multimedia Center - Outside terrace with Sonance Mariner.



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