Crestron Airmedia in EPAL Auditorium

Crestron AirMedia: sharing contents in EPAL auditorium in Luanda.

Crestron Airmedia in EPAL Auditorium

September 28, 2016 at 3:00 PM

The EPAL Auditorium - Public Company of Luanda Waters - had a very complete audiovisual installation and is completely controlled by Crestron system integration equipment.

The use of Crestron AirMedia must be highlighted, a small device with great performance: view on the main display multiple screens simultaneously from multiple devices. It works by IP and computer network.

In practice: the display shows the AirMedia image - customizable with the auditorium or the entity's logo for example - and can show the AirMedia IP, this IP may be hidden or not.


Users of the auditorium, in this case that involved users at the main table, can put that IP into their equipment and by installing a free AirMedia application, either on PC, Mac, or smartphone and iOS or Android tablets, can then share the content of their equipment easily on the main screen.


The AirMedia crestron allows the simultaneous display on the same screen up to four users, but may have up to 32 users connected to the system. With an indicated use to share images in Meeting Rooms here at the Auditorium of EPAL its versatility and usefulness is highlighted, also facilitating the sharing of stakeholders content to the audience.

Learn more about the Crestron AirMedia on the brand page or contact us for any further information.


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