Acoustic Treatment

Luz e Som started a partnership with Jocavi, leader company in this area.

Acoustic Treatment

February 01, 2012 at 2:00 PM

Luz e Som features acoustic treatment solutions for different spaces, from the living room of contained dimensions, to the large pavillion, through movie theaters at home, auditoriums, factories, among other places.




Acoustic Treatment or Acoustic Isolation ?

This type of acoustic treatment with acoustic panels, is not similar to the soundproofing often considered during the construction or real estate remodeling. It is rather, to improve the acoustics of the space in question, in particular reverberation (the return of the sound after "hitting" on walls, for example), standardization of frequencies (one frequency can return more quickly than others), among other factors. You can even assign values ​​"before" and "after", which can be proven with in situ measurements.




The acoustic treatment panels are not used alone but integrated into a complete solution for acoustic treatment, and are the result of studies provided by appropriate software.




This solution is also easily integrated in the decoration, not only because some of the available models allow custom paint with the color chosen by the responsible for decoration, but also because the models with fabric lining allows complete customization with either own galleries or with customer images.




For this type of highly specialized service, Luz e Som established a partnership with Jocavi, a leading company on this sector, enabling both companies to benefit from mutual know-how. Contact us for more information.



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