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Luz e Som implements "hands-on" solutions. From the project proposal to the final delivery, and through installation and configuration, the client only cares to express what they expect exactly the project so that their needs and expectations are met in full.

Within its range of customers, Luz e Som has major national and international names. We present some of them:

Videowall Movicelsobre-clientes-sheraton-tiara-bar.jpgsobre-clientes-sala-inem.jpgsobre-clientes-loja-c-da-silva.jpgsobre-clientes-hotel-tivoli-seteais.jpgsobre-clientes-hotel-melia.jpgsobre-clientes-gran-cruz.jpgsobre-clientes-gran-cruz-02.jpgsobre-clientes-crowne-plaza.jpgsobre-clientes-cinemas-lusomundo.jpgsobre-clientes-centro-cuf.jpgsobre-clientes-caminho-das-estrelas.jpgsobre-clientes-bowling.jpgsobre-clientes-auditorio-isgest-luanda.JPGsobre-clientes-auditorio-edp-02.jpgsobre-clientes-auditorio-edp.jpgsobre-clientes-auditorio-bmw-bmcar.jpgsobre-clientes-aeroporto-faro.jpg

Note: Due to maintaining privacy, the private works do not appear referenced. However, there are listed some of the decoration and architecture companies with which we work.

Presentation Files

For a more extensive and comprehensive information list, download the presentations of Luz e Som or contact us for additional information.

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Complete Luz e Som corporate presentation (PT + ENG)
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Luz e Som Residential and Home Automation Presentation


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